Camp 1


A traditional sci-fi/horror graphic adventure


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Camp 1 is a point-and-click graphic adventure that borrows its gameplay and look directly from the genre during the 1990s. As a player, you'll assume the role of Korski, the pilot of an intergalactic mining expedition on an unknown planet (or asteroid) who, at the beginning of the adventure, is collecting his things to return home.

Soon after the adventure begins, after you familiarize yourself with the game's traditional control system, the situation goes awry. Your character realizes that if he really wants to make it home, he'll have to use all of his (your) resourcefulness.

The most important aspects of any graphic adventure are the story and the puzzles, and Camp 1 does both of these nicely. The game's story is gripping and interesting, and it's particularly enhanced by the oppressive setting. In terms of puzzles, despite being simple at times, for the most part they are challenging but within reason.

Camp 1 is a medium-length graphic adventure game (it's not particularly long), with charming pixelated graphics and an interesting story.
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